Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hello Bandaid!

OMG, Hello Kitty band aids! I have blood drawn every other week and my new Hello Kitty band aids make it a little nicer. Cute, uh!
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mishka said...

cute bandage :D

I'm sorry, Carla. I have tagged you.

michelleknits said...

That's an adorable bandage! I have some kind of inexplainable aversion to bandaids (and I HATE HATE when I see a wet bandaid laying around in a public place -- it's actually more the possibility of it adhering to me than the germs...anyway), but I really like that one.

krissy said...

ooh, so cute!! they would make me smile too. once my cousin put 3 assorted sanrio band-aids in a gift for me and i was too afraid to use them...they were too cute.

Carla said...

Used bandaids and definitely gross, I agree, Michelle! Hey Krissy, I know what you mean about wanting to save cutie band aids, esp since you only had 3 of them! But the hospital tape throws off my look! ha ha. I also have Power Puff Girls band aids :)