Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I'm making bunny crafts for a swap. How I love bunnies, so soft and peaceful, and they're vegan.

A simple card with a pom pom tail: Posted by Picasa

A variation from the Mobile Monsters cell phone case pattern in Stitch N Bitch Nation. My version is intended to be a sunglasses case. I still have to give her some buck teeth.

And a hand sewn little brooch made with cheap-o fake felt.

The new Lee Valley opened yesterday! It's on King at Portland. They sell high-end hardware and gardening tools.


mishka said...

I love your bunnies! Especially the mobile monster bunny :D Thanks for the heads up on Lee Valley - I am so excited to make my first visit!!

krissy said...

thanks so much again for coming by to say hi at the show! it was so good to see you! your friend seems super nice too. your bunnies have all turned out so well!! that felt pin is adorable.

mary-margaret said...

love love love the bunny cards!

Bitterbetty said...

Thanks for the swap Package Carla..
I just love it!
My phone has never been cozier~!