Monday, January 10, 2011

Julmarknad, snökaos, Jul i Sverige

I love Christmassy things!  We went to a few Christmas markets here in Stockholm, called Julmarknad. So snowy and festive!  There was a record-breaking amount of snow in most of Europe, you probably heard about all the cancelled flights in Paris and England. We had trouble getting a train out of Stockholm before Christmas, but eventually after a few delays and detours we got to the smaller town we were aiming for. The Swedish papers were calling it "snökaos" ... which you can probably guess is 'snow chaos' ... so cute!


seenonflickr said...

Looks like fun!!

What was the temperature like?

Carla said...

It was cold enough that no one wanted to stay outside for long, but not that bitter and windy cold we sometimes get in Toronto.

krissy said...

Mattias is so cute as a little gnome!