Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year! Gott Ny År!

Do you love Moleskines as much as I do?  I use the unlined notebooks for my daily journals, and I get the minis for to do lists. I also have the Stockholm guide, which has awesome maps with clear things so I can write directions over the map without actually writing on the map. So cool, I use it almost every time I go somewhere new in Stockholm on my own. Subway map, pages to keep notes on directions or things I learn when I'm out and about. Awesome!

Check out this cute video, which stars 2011 Moleksine daytimers:

On New Year's Eve we went to a nice dinner party and at 11:45 we bundled up and ran out to a bridge with a bottle of champagne and glasses. Loads of other people were doing the same, and we all stood on the bridge looking at fireworks going off in all directions all over the city. It was snowing and so magical!

This isn't shot from the bridge we were on, but it shows that there were fireworks all over the city and when you're above street level you can see so much:

The julmust and pepparkarkar are all gone and I finally joined a gym for my time in Stockholm! Bring it on!

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krissy said...

That Moleskine video is so amazing! Must have taken a lot of work to make. Paul buys a Molskine daytimer every year. I have lots of little notebooks but no Moleskines. They make cute kraft paper (plain brown) covered booklets too.