Friday, November 17, 2006


Yesterday, Stagflation and I went to a potluck with omnivores, he brought these delicious chocolate cake-ettes for us vegans, with about the smoothest, freshest fake cream cheeze icing I've ever had:


Spamboy said...

Spamboy was there.

Spamboy declined the vegan fake... I mean cake.

krissy said...

mmm...looks so yummy! why did this spamboy pass up the opportunity to try it?

(just finished report cards so i'm taking a nice to check in again. i love your scrapbook page for your boss, btw! so cute with the throne and crown!!)

Spamboy said...

Spamboy's not into sweet stuff, especially icing.

Spamboy prefers the taste of dead animals!

Carla said...

Spamboy likes to tease the vegan minority. And as he said, he has a (freakish)distaste for sweet foods.

siue said...

"Stagflation"? ?? How odd - but the cakes look niiiiiiice! If his cakes are as good as his cookies I bet they were super delish!
Spamboy needs to be chided for being a freak: Freak! Freak! Freak!
Finally a place where vegan sweet eaters can DO the chiding!
(I'm feeling particularily evil on this rainy sunday ;) )

stagflation said...

I just made some more. These ones have filling; I used my new icing syringe.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carla!

That cake looks delicious. Veagn cream cheese! Mmmmm.

You're vegan palkage is coming along well. I will probably mail it out the week after Thanksgiving.

Take care
Your Secret Pal

Spamboy said...

@Siue: Are you flaming me? 'Cause flaming only makes me think of nice charbroiled burgers... and I'm not talking about wheat meat or any of those soggy soy-based surrogates either! That's an abomination!

Get thee behind me seitan!