Sunday, July 16, 2006

things that make ya go yum

This could be the last of the Ontario strawberries for the year. I like them on toast with Tofutti better-than-cream-cheese!

And I made the Sunny Corn Muffins from PPK. They're sweet and lemony, I think they'd be good with blueberries. Next time!

More things that make ya go "yum" at the vegan cookalong!


michelleknits said...

yum is right!

robyn said...

Yummy! Breakfast foods are the best!

Anonymous said...

Ohh, fresh strawberries still warm from the field. Heavenly. The local blueberries should be ready for picking soon.These are high-bush blueberries so I can pick them while sitting on a milking stool! Fun. My method is, one for the pail, one for me. (-: Sandy

yoonie at home said...

That looks so gooooood!

Thanks Carla for those lovely handmade earrings you sent. I would love to send you something too. Can I have your address?

I'm going to wear them all!!!!

Lot's of hugs.

mishka said...

I didn't reply to this post but I thought I had.

My comment: yum.

spamboy said...

More like, things that make you go WTH??!! More food blogging??!!

krissy said...

everything looks so yummy!!