Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dance little onion girl!!!

Last night I had a lovely fresh red onion stalk sticking out of my backpack when I had dinner with Mishka. I yanked it out and dangled it, gasping at how pretty it was. Mishka said it needed eyes, so here it is on a wrinkly tea towel:

Which reminded me of a magnet I have that says "dance little onion girl" and has a pic of an anthropomorphized onion:


mishka said...

You did it! Hahahaaa!

From one oniony-garlicky vegan to another: that is the best magnet!

michelleknits said...

anthropomorphized onion!
dinner with mishka!
too much too much!!!!

spamboy said...

Yeah, too much all right. Too much time on your hands!!!

Now don't say I never read your blog.

Harmonia said...

LOVE IT! Very nice! Thought I would check in and say hello!

Tania said...

hee hee! so cute-