Sunday, November 01, 2009

crispy fall weather

Happy World Vegan Day!

And Happy Birthday to Hello Kitty today! She is 35 years old. I have lots of Hello Kitty things, unfortunately I had to return this Sigg yesterday because that series was found to have BPA in the liner. I got a new one but it doesn't have kitty on it.

Yesterday was Halloween so I made a Star Trek dress to go out in. Lieutenant Pink Vegan, Library Officer on the Starship Enterprise!

I used this tutorial:

Sienna was in town and stayed with me for a few days, she did some crafty shopping!

We did lots of fun things when she was here, including the Church of Craft night of Hyperbolic Crochet:


sienna said...

Cool! I didn't realize Hello Kitty and I were the same age. :)

I had loads of fun during my visit and wish I had a longer visit. Next time I guess. Have fun away!!

Katherine said...

Cool stuff all around! (except for having to return the Hello Kitty bottle)

I love the hyperbolic crocheted rosettes! Stick a safety pin in them and they could make way cool things to put on a coat or top. Could you show me how they're made sometime?

(Word verfication is "kitry". How very appropriate. Somehow.)

krissy said...

happy w.v.d!
i love your diy costume! so totally cute!
sad that miss hello kitty had to be returned to the store but better that than bpa-flavoured water, right?