Wednesday, June 18, 2008

eNn eX eNn eEe

I caught 21 shows in 3 days! Pretty much all of them were great. Here are the terrible-quality pictures I took:

1. Steve Poltz
He was playing Silver Lining when I got there.

2. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
He's vegan and rocks hard.

3. moja
I wonder how many times they get compared to the White Stripes.

5. The Wet Secrets
"It's a crying shame you don't know just how hot you are..."

6. The Oholics
Very young and lovely Swedes.

7. New Odds
It was the suit that got them the gig...

8. Major Maker
It suddenly struck me that Lindy looks a teeny tiny bit like Sean Tully on Coronation Street, if Sean were 7 feet tall and straight. But not really. But sort of.

9. Semi Precious Weapons
It costs a lot of money to look this good, so we should buy swag from them.

10. White Cowbell Oklahoma
Madness! How have I not seen them play before?

11. Camp Radio

12. The Superfantastics
Sweet melodies, cute lyrics and check out that drum kit!

13. ironic HUE

14. Hugh Cornwell

15. Julie Doiron
Sweet as ever.

16. Evan Dando

17. Mannequin Men
Loved these guys

18. Foxfire
Shiny dancey fun!

19. Grimskunk
Loved them too

20. Redd Kross

21. The Oholics
Still not tired of Swedish rock.

22. Hilotrons


krissy said...

holy crap!!!!
you are my frickin' indie rock hero!!!
i totally mean it. you are so committed to the cause.

ps. julie had pigtails? too cute.

Katherine said...

I dunno, I think the photos are great! (Love the marching band outfits especially). How the heck did you see 21 bands in 3 days? You should blog about the logistics of Olympic-level band-watching.

Anonymous said...

Steve Poltz is an amazing music artist...