Saturday, January 13, 2007

2nd Annual Month of Listening to Women's Music

This is an idea I got last year while reading Inga Musico. It's hard to define "women's music" of course, but at mimum I'm listening to only female vocals for now. If women play the instruments and write the songs too, that's even better. I've got plenty to listen to, but let me know if you have some suggestions. I know Sandy will have lots of ideas!

(By the way, Inga Musico is giving a creative writing workshop in Toronto on Jan 19.)


vania said...

I too really only listen to female artists. I saw Emily Haines a couple of weekends back and she was beyond awesome!

Sandy said...

Hi Carla, I started and continue the New Year with old vinyl records,Judy Garland,Alberta Hunter and Sophie Tucker followed by good ole cowpunks k.d. lang and Patsy Cline. Next I'll throw in some Joan Jett and Melissa. Then it's back to some 60s folk music.It's going to be a fun year.

tania said...

thats a neat idea-
for a while i was on a reading books by women thing -

sienna said...

Ember Swift, Kinnie Starr, Ani Difranco(of course) Jenn Lindsay (if you can find her), Sharon Jones. All Independant - All the Time is my motto! :)

(I sometimes do Canadian music only on July 1st)