Wednesday, May 17, 2006

another show bites the dust

The Morgan Waters Show: cancelled

I love this show! So fun and goofy. Boo hoo! It has a catchy theme song and fun spoofs. Still on in reruns for now. A few months ago I was pulling up to the hospital in a taxi and they were taping the Morgan-gets-pregnant episode, he ran hysterically right in front of my taxi in that hideous yellow sweater and faux baby bump. Good times. Some of the themes of the show seem a little racy for 4pm. Oh I'm gonna miss Boss Boss.

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krissy said...

even though i don't know that show you mentioned, i'm not so sure about this new fancy-shmancy bigwig cbc programming guy. it seems like he's big into the slash and burn. i've heard of a few surprising shows getting the axe lately.