Tuesday, January 24, 2006

magic mirror - election 2006

I can see Peggy, I can see Olivia and Jack, I can see Charlie and Paul..... (remember Romper Room?) Great showing NDPers! 29 seats and 17% of the vote!


tania said...

hi carla!
thanks for leavuing me a comment, i had lost the link to your blog!
yay for peggy-
i am scraed to read the artcile you left...eeeek!!!!!

michelleknits said...

At first when I saw your comment, I thought "who is Carla?" Now I remember that I never knew your name! It's nice to hear from you again! I'm going to go and check that link out now...

Carla said...

Hey grrlz!

Tania: it's a link that was in Antonia's Toronto Star blog about Tories wanting to privatize the CBC, sorry to bum you out!

Michelle: I guess I never used my real name on LJ. Let me know if you try the recipes at Spun!