Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blythe Halloween party

Another Blythe meetup at Sweet Lulu. Some of the little grrlz came in Halloween costumes! Magnolia was a radical cheerleader.

Judy knit a pumpkin hat for Magnolia, isn't that the cutest thing! And she made friends with a Petite who has the same hat.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

FO: knitted kool aid dying test

One of my knitting friends hosted a yarn dying party last week. So generous of her to let a gang of gigglers drink wine AND handle hot water spiked with kool aid in her home!

I dyed Mission Falls 1824 cotton, which, FYI doesn't take the kool aid the same way wool does. I followed the usual recipe though, and used 4 packets of lime green kool aid. Looks like noodles:

It came out bright green:

But after I wrang it out and it dried a bit, it faded to a minty hue. Another gal did the same amount of green kool aid as me, except on wool, and hers came out brighter. I'd planned for electric lime, but I'm really happy with the mint. Any ideas? I dyed enough yarn for a tea pot cozy, but that could still change by the time I get to it...